Test of NCSD Emergency Notification System

On Thursday, November 21st, at approx. 4:30 pm NCSD will be conducting a test of our Infinite Campus – Emergency Notification System. This is only a test.
The primary purpose of this test to provide all parents/guardians and NCSD staff members with the opportunity to identify if their notification preferences are up-to-date. Often times, during a situation requiring immediate notification, we are later made aware of individuals not receiving the message. Most frequently, it is due to notification preferences not being selected or inaccurate contact information.
Parents/Guardians/NCSD staff members will receive a phone call and text message with the below message:
This is a test message of NCSD’s Emergency Notification System. This is only a TEST. Thank you.
If you do not receive this test notification, please log-on to your Campus Parent Portal to update your contact information and or notification preferences.
Information on creating a Parent Campus account or resetting your password can be found here:  https://natronaschools.org/campus-parent-how-to-guide-navigating-campus-parent/
Information for choosing the notification preferences you prefer can be found here: https://natronaschools.org/stay-connected-campus-parent-allows-you-to-choose-the-notification-preferences-you-want/
Thank you for your assistance as we work together to identify proactive measures to ensure we are consistently and effectively communicating with our stakeholders.

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