Paradise Valley Elementary


Phone: (307) 253-1200

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Principal: Brett Thielbar

Office Manager: Marci Howard

Address: 22 Magnolia Rd., Casper, 82604





“Our students WILL be globally competent through investigating the world around them, recognizing their own and others’ perspective, communicating ideas and taking action. Our students will value innovation and they will achieve!”

Paradise Valley is one of the largest elementary schools in Casper. Staff members believe in differentiated instruction, and teachers strive to provide intentional learning at each child’s individual level. Teachers use the NCSD Essential Curriculum to plan and guide learning targets. Brain research strategies are implemented throughout the school to enhance the learning experience for all children. Paradise Valley believes students learn through experience and inquiry.



Students learn math through the district’s My Math program. Students are supported through guided reading groups or one-on-one conferring with their teachers. Students also participate in book club discussions about books they choose themselves. Students write across the curriculum. Students are provided various learning opportunities to collaborate together and focus on 21st Century skills through STEM learning and Problem Based Learning.


Dual Language Immersion

Paradise Valley is home to the district’s first Dual Language Immersion program, offering Mandarin Chinese in  K-5th grade. With DLI, children are exposed to bi-lingual learning when their minds are developmentally best able to successfully acquire a second language. Instruction is divided between two high quality, creative classrooms: one English; one Mandarin.  Students are taught math, literacy, social studies and science in Mandarin for half of the day. The other half of the day is spent learning language arts and core subject review in English.

Parents must attend an orientation session prior to acceptance into the Dual Language Program.

Please contact Central Enrollment at 253-5450 for more information on these sessions.



Students may participate in a variety of clubs including, Art Club, P.E. Club, Lego Robotics, Guitar Club, Outdoor Club, Tech Club, Running Club, and Student Council.

An on-site Boys and Girls Club branch is open after school.

Fourth- and fifth-graders may participate in volleyball, basketball and track through the Casper Recreation Center.



Classes at Paradise Valley run from 8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Supervision begins at 7:45 a.m. and the building closes at 4:00 p.m. The on-site Boys and Girls Club program, for registered participants, is open after school until 7:00 p.m.