Roosevelt High School Dedicated to Building a School Culture of Kindness

Roosevelt High School students and staff recently completed their 2nd annual Rachel’s Challenge program. The school assembly is designed to promote a culture of kindness and compassion by sharing tools, techniques, and resources with students to combat bullying and social isolation.

The program is in honor of the memory of Rachel Scott, who was killed at Columbine High School in 1999. Roosevelt High School students and staff also participate in the Friends of Rachel Training which is designed to help students and staff, “create a club within the school whose mission is to put into practice what they just learned in the assembly and foster a permanent culture of kindness and compassion on their campus.” (…/middle-school-high-school)

Roosevelt High School students have worked dedicatedly over the past two years to embrace a culture of positive school community and kindness. This year, students and staff are hosting a friendly grade-level competition to collect food to give to a local food bank. Additionally, RHS organized a “Rachel’s Closet” which allows those students who may need the opportunity to pick-up items such as clothes, hygiene products, non-perishable food, and socks.

Roosevelt High School is committed to engaging, real-world learning through strong relationships, high expectations, and a safe, structural learning environment.

Bringing Rachel’s Challenge to RHS students has been an extraordinary opportunity for our school. Our students are brilliant, bright, and resilient…they’re awesome, absolutely, awesome people. Rachel’s Challenge…the challenge of dreaming big, believing in yourself, being kind, and so much more aligns directly with what we ask of our Bulldogs each day. Show up, challenge yourself, and you will succeed. We have an incredible team of professionals working diligently each day to do everything in our power to support students and help them along on their path to success. “, Principal Trujillo

Dream big & believe in yourself
Be kind to others
Practice positive gossip
Show appreciation to those you love
Be the answer

To learn more about Rachel’s Challenge  click the following link:



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