Phone: (307) 237-0301

REACH High is a District program designed for students who are struggling with alcohol and/or substance abuse issues and wish to continue their academic work in a community that is also working on recovery. Students, with the support and permission of their parents, apply for enrollment in the program. Acceptance is determined based on a questionnaire and personal interview with REACH staff. Students are required to commit to the following:

  • *100% attendance unless excused by a doctor
  • *academic diligence in their course work
  • *random, on-demand drug tests
  • *participation in group and individual counseling at school
  • *attendance at AA or Teen AA meetings outside of class
  • *Actively work a 12-step program with an approved sponsor outside of class

Students have the opportunity to earn credit in math, science, social studies, English, physical education and elective credit for their group and recovery work. In some cases, students enter the program at times during the term that makes it difficult for them to begin course work with their peers, as they do not have time to earn credit for their work. When this happens, students are enrolled in Odyssey Ware online courses until a new term begins.

Historical Information

Staff members from Roosevelt High School requested funding for this program during the 2009-2010 school year. The program was approved for a three-year pilot. The program was initially housed at the former CCA site behind Frontier Middle School. A new location was rented on the ground floor of the 12-24 Club, next door to the ProStart program. Landlords completed the construction on this site in early January and the program moved to the new site on January 10, 2011. In the Spring of 2013, REACH was reviewed by the Board of Trustees and moved from pilot status to a line-item on the annual budget.

REACH is under the administrative guidance of Shawna Trujillo. Students enrolled in the program may start at REACH at any time during the year and may transfer back to their home schools at semester so their credits are complete when they transfer. The program is designed to service a maximum of twenty students. Students began attending REACH in November 2010. Since that time, 60 plus students have enrolled. Students are generally referred to the program as they complete residential treatment in the community, as a result of legal problems, or because guidance counselors recommend it to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a “Recovery” school?
Answer: A recovery school provides a safe academic haven for students who have successfully completed a treatment program and also show a desire for continued recovery.

Question: Are you a residential school?
Answer: No. We are a day school.

Question: What are the school’s hours?
Answer: 7:35 a.m. – 3:05 p.m.

Question: Are students/parents responsible for transportation to and from school?
Answer: No. Transportation is provided through the District if needed.

Question: Can students participate in sports and fine arts at their home schools while attending REACH?
Answer: Yes, provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

Question: How long does someone attend REACH High?
Answer: Each student is unique, and the time needed to reach his/her academic goals will be different from those of other students.

Question: Can students graduate early?
Answer: Yes. That is possible.

Question: What happens if a student relapses?
Answer: A relapse is handled on an individual basis; however, generally students who relapse are required to re-write the terms of their recovery contract in order to continue their enrollment at REACH.

Question: How do I apply to REACH?
Answer: Interested students/parents should contact REACH at 237-0301 and ask to speak to either the coordinator or the counselor. They will be able to provide more information and schedule an interview.

Question: Can students enroll at any time during the school year?
Answer: Yes, provided there is room.

Question: If a student enters mid-semester, how do they catch up with their classmates?
Answer: Student schedules are determined individually. The faculty at REACH will do all it can to help students “catch up” in specific classes.

Question: Does REACH have a physical education program?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does REACH offer foreign language studies?
Answer: No.

Question: Do REACH students participate in any kind of community service?
Answer: Yes. Students generally spend one hour per week giving back to the community.

Question: Does REACH offer electives?
Answer: Yes.

Principal: Shawna Trujillo