Natrona Virtual Learning

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Enjoy learning at home with research-based Fuel Ed K-12 Curriculum and the advantages of NCSD’s resources. With Natrona Virtual Learning, an adult at home will complete the day-to-day lessons while a highly qualified teacher will monitor, instruct, or re-teach the material your child needs. Students can access weekly Class Connects, online sessions with the teacher, field trips, and other activities at their base schools.

NVL Activities

  • Beginning and end of the year celebrations
  • Tate Museum
  • Planetarium
  • Fort Caspar Museum
  • Natural Historic Trails Interpretative Center
  • Werner Life Museum
  • Ice skating, roller skating
  • Bowling, swimming
  • Denver trip to Butterfly Pavilion and Aquarium
  • Independence Rock and Martin’s Cove
  • Science activities
  •  Young Author’s Contest
  • Student Project Night
  • Discover Program with Nic & Casper Children’s Theater
  • Art Core performances


Tanya Sisneros
Natrona Virtual Learning
(307) 253-3186
(307) 253-3188 (fax)