Casper Mountain Science Program


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The Casper Mountain Science Program was developed to create a learning community where placed-based education is the focus. Casper Mountain Science supports the curriculum of classroom teachers and allows students to expand their knowledge of science in an outdoor setting. Casper Mountain Science also provides experiences for college-age students to explore the possibility of education as a career.

 Mission Statement:

The Casper Mountain Science Program provides students the opportunity to learn outdoors to increase their knowledge of science, find delight in nature, and reflect on their place in the world.

Guiding principles:casper-mountain-science

  • The CMSP is a place-based, multidisciplinary program with a focus on science that provides opportunities for students and teachers to experience outdoor education.
  • The CMSP curriculum is based on the Wyoming state education standards with a focus on inquiry learning.
  • The experience at CMSP generates an appreciation and a respect for Casper Mountain and the surrounding area.
  • The CMSP students will learn the value of working collaboratively with their peers to develop a sense of community while acquiring a sense of personal responsibility.
  • The CMSP provides opportunities for young adults throughout the United States to be trained and explore careers in education, specifically teaching place-based science.


Casper Mountain Science offers both day programs and residential (overnight) programs to NCSD students in a facility located at the top of Casper Mountain. Sessions are held during the academic school year. The fall semester provides programs from September through early December. The spring semester begins in late February and runs through the month of May.


Carolyn Jacobs
NCSD Teacher on Special Assignment

Neil Long
Instructional Technician


NCSD Central Services Facility
970 N. Glenn Rd., Casper, 82601