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PATHWAYS: The Academies of Natrona County

The Pathways Innovation Center (P.I.C.) began hosting classes at the start of the 2016-17 school year. P.I.C. offers a unique experience for 11th-12th grade students. It is a half-day program and students will be enrolled in a combination of four credits that are centered on student interests. Programs/courses that are offered in the morning are also offered in the afternoon. This allows more flexibility for students as they create their schedules.

Parent Information nights were held for all parents and community members to drop by to ask questions about academy learning, the Pathways program, and how a student can engage in this opportunity.

Click here to view the Student/Parent Academy Presentation.

The four academies are designed around student interests and career fields. It is an opportunity for students to explore within their interests while in high school before entering the workforce and/or college. This program meets graduation requirements; it has been aligned to the Hathaway success curriculum; and has been designed with the help of local community members and industries, Casper College, and the University of Wyoming.

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Please contact any of the following with questions that you might have.

Academy Coaches

ACME Academy Coach–Mance Hurley (

BANR Academy Coach–Patti Kimble (

CACD Academy Coach–Molly Voris  (

HSHS Academy Coaches–Bryan Aivazian, Mark Hileman


Principal–Chad Sharpe (


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