Nursing Health Services

Mission: To optimize student health and learning by ensuring that all students are healthy, safe, and ready to learn.

School Nursing Defined: A specialized practice of nursing, protecting and promoting student health, facilitating optimal development, and advancing academic success. School nurses, grounded in ethical and evidence-based practice, are the leaders who bridge health care and education, provide care coordination, advocate for quality student-centered care, and collaborate to design systems that allow individuals and communities to develop their full potential.~NASN

Nursing Staff

Core Values: Child Well-being, Diversity & Inclusion, Ethics, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Leadership & Scholarship


Student Health Resources

NCSD#1 is pleased to provide the following downloadable and printable health-related resources to encourage a safe and healthy environment for all our learners.

Illness Protocol and Prevention

Illness Protocol: When to keep your student home

Centers for Diseases Control

National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

Actions to Fight the Flu


Health and Medication Management

Student Health Information

Medication Administration Form

Dispensing Medication Board Policy


Chronic Health Conditions

Allergy Anaphylaxis Plan of Care

Asthma Plan of Care

Seizure Plan of Care

Seizure Plan of Care for Busing



Immunization Form

WyIR Consent Form

Wyoming Department of Health Immunization Unit

Medical Exemption to Mandatory School Immunizations

Religious Exemption to Mandatory School Immunizations

Exencion medica para las vacunas esolares obligatorias

Exencion religiosa para las vacunas escolares obligatorias


Head Lice Guide: A Child Friendly Team Approach

American Academy of Pediatrics

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

National Association of School Nurses Policy Statement

Head Lice 101

Head Lice Protocol – NCSD#1

Managing Head Lice in the School Setting – NCSD#1

Parent Letter


Health Promotion

Know the Risks of E-Cigarettes

Talking to Your Teen About E-Cigarettes – Parent Tip Sheet