Parent News – December 30, 2016

Winter Break for students will be

Wednesday, December 21 through Tuesday, January 3. 

Classes will resume Wednesday, January 4.


FEEDBACK Requested 

In December 2016, a subcommittee of the Legislature’s Joint

Education Committee was created to generate ideas and develop possible

solutions to anticipated decreases in operational funding for K-12 Education in

the State of Wyoming.  Funding for the daily operations of Wyoming schools faces an estimated shortfall of $360 million to $400 million annually in the 2019-2020 and 2021-2022 biennia.

Subcommittee ideas and possible solutions in response to Wyoming’s

K-12 education funding deficit can be found in a white paper released by the

Subcommittee on December 28th.

Natrona County Schools would like to recognize the service and leadership of our state legislators. The Wyoming Legislature has been very supportive of K-12 Education over the past decades. We recognize the challenge they now face and appreciate the dedicated and diligent work of the Subcommittee.

Click the following hyperlink to read the Wyoming K-12 Education Funding Deficit White Paper:

The Subcommittee is requesting feedback on each area identified

in the white paper (or others) from educators, school districts, parents,

community members and all other stakeholders.

To provide feedback to the Subcommittee, we ask that you submit public comments on the Legislative Service Office’s website at the following hyperlink no later than January 4th, 2017:

Thank you.


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