Parent News – December 19, 2016

Winter Break for students will be

Wednesday, December 21 through Tuesday, January 3. 

Classes will resume Wednesday, January 4.

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2017-18 Open Enrollment Information!

NCSD offers open enrollment because we believe that no single education style fits the needs of all children. We also know that families have many reasons for choosing various schools. Some want to send kids to the school down the street, while others select schools based on proximity of daycare or work. Others choose schools based on teaching styles, family tradition, or word of mouth. Open enrollment gives families the opportunities to find the schools that are best for them and their children. 

2017-18 School Year Open Enrollment Period: January 5-19, 2017

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Open House Nights 

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2017-18 Kindergarten Enrollment

Kindergarten registration is opening for parents on January 5, 2017 for the 2017-18 school year.  All students need to be at least 5 years old by September 15, 2017 to register for kindergarten. There will be screenings available for parents who would like to know more about their child’s readiness.

Natrona County Schools offers several options for kindergarten:

Advanced Kindergarten for students who have a large vocabulary, ask a lot of questions and demonstrate a lot of creativity and motivation.

Classic Kindergarten (typically a two year program) for students who might have later birthdays (June-September) or have limited experiences with other children, no or little preschool, or a limited vocabulary. 

Traditional Kindergarten for all other students 

To register your child, parents should go to and follow the online enrollment process during the enrollment window, January 5-19, 2017.  Parents will be given the option, during the enrollment process, to be contacted about screening to determine which kindergarten would be best for their child.  No screening is necessary for Traditional Kindergarten programs.

For more information about the kindergarten options go to  If you have any additional questions about Kindergarten, please call 253-5434.

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NCSD Inclement Weather Protocol

Communications on school closures are sent out via text, phone call, and email no later than 5 a.m., or at a time designated by the Superintendent. News agencies will be contacted to send the message to the community. Updates will also be posted on NCSD social media sites.

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NCSD Bulletin Board 

This page is designed to share information on community events and activities for students and their families.  Check back weekly for updates!

Upcoming Events:

Boys and Girls Club Basketball Registration Form

First Night Casper 2016 – Natrona County Prevention Coalition

Boys and Girls Club – School’s Out Day Camps

Casper Recreation Center Holiday Camps

The Science Zone – Night at the Museum

Click here for MANY more activities and events:  NCSD Bulletin Board


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