P.I.C. Students Feature Artwork from Interdisciplinary Lesson

Students in the Creative Arts, Communication and Design Academy at the Pathways Innovation Center (P.I.C.) displayed their most recent work throughout the P.I.C. building on October 12. The expressions of art were created after the students studied the play Red by John Logan. In combination, the students studied Olivia Gude’s postmodern principles of art. As a final project the students created a piece of artwork that illustrated their understanding of Red, and included one postmodern art principle. The combination of multiple subjects into one cohesive lesson is a hallmark of the educational philosophy at P.I.C. The students created artwork in various forms, including: paint, sculpture, video, animation, music, photography, digital design, and others. Posted below are the final projects of the students involved in the lesson.

By: Reegan Chadderdon and Junior Grimes
By Alyssa McCarty
By: Ashtyn Wise
By: Austin Brainard
By: Austin King
By: Braxton Sambrano
By: Braxton Sambrano
By: Devon Miller
By: Emerson Kopp
By: Emerson Kopp
By: Fredy Lopez Lopez
By: Ian Higgins
By: Jaylee Schnabel
By: Jessica Hutchinson
By: Kleo Vlastos
By: L Palmer
By: Lily Metzker
By: Nicole DeSalvo and Andrew Skovgard
By: Roman Larsen
By: Taylor Peterson
By: Taylor Peterson

By: Micah Jones

By: Tres Fandal and Seth Jordan

By: Jacob Larson





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