NCSD Virtual Learning Program Enrollment Information – July 27, 2020

NCSD Families, 

The first day of school for Natrona County is September 2nd, 2020. We want to ensure we are providing as many known details as possible so our school families can make informed decisions as they look toward the Fall semester.

The intent of Natrona County School District’s (NCSD) Smart Start Reopening Plan is to open schools, keep them open, and provide a high-quality learning environment for all students to progress in their learning while maintaining our commitment to the safety and health of all students, staff, and the community. 

As we move forward into the next academic year the Learning Options for all school families are provided below: 

  • In-Person/Brick and Mortar/Traditional 
  • The Natrona County School District will open schools this fall. Proactive and precautionary safety measures will continue to be followed to ensure safe and healthy environments for all. The NCSD Smart Start Plan implements the proactive safety measures identified in the governor’s statewide public health orders.
    • In alignment with the statewide public health orders, the NCSD will provide face coverings for students, however, students may bring their own as well. Currently, the Governor’s order, which runs through July 31st, 2020, requires face coverings to be worn during in-person instruction, and on NCSD transportation, when social distancing cannot be maintained. NCSD will continue to align with the Governor’s health orders. 
    • Social distancing of 6’ or more whenever possible
    • Face coverings are required of all students and staff when social distancing cannot be maintained
    • Good hygiene (wash hands frequently, use hand sanitizer when handwashing isn’t possible, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth)
    • Stay home if you are ill or develop symptoms consistent with Covid (fever, coughing, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, etc.)
    • Cleaning and disinfecting facilities frequently, specifically high touched surfaces; face coverings when social distancing cannot be maintained).
  • Natrona County Virtual Learning Program 
  • NCSD is committed to offering a virtual learning option for any student who is unable to return to in-person instruction for the academic year.
  • Natrona County’s Virtual Learning Program 
    • Established in 2014 
    • Offers students the opportunity to take core classes and limited elective classes to meet grade-level standards and progress toward graduation
    • Grades K- 12
    • Entirely online 
    • This is different from the adapted learning environment that was deployed for all students due to COVID-19 at the end of the Spring last year. 

In the case of COVID-19 within a classroom or school, NCSD will ensure we are prepared to effectively and efficiently transfer instruction, as applicable, for identified settings based on the guidance of the Casper-Natrona County Health Department. Every effort will be made to keep schools open while ensuring the safety of all students, staff, and school families. If an outbreak occurs, schools could be closed by state or local public health officers’ directive or order for a 2-5 day period (or longer if conditions warrant) to conduct contact tracing and allow NCSD to disinfect the facility.   

If you are wanting to enroll your student(s) in Natrona County Virtual Learning Program please complete the Enrollment Form below. You only need to complete this form if you are changing your enrollment status from in-person to virtual programming. 

NCSD Learning Options Enrollment Form – 2020/21 Academic Year 

While this upcoming year has some unknowns and certain challenges, we are confident in the exceptional abilities and dedication of our students, staff, school families, and community to come together and make it a great year for all. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work together in our shared goal of continuing educational excellence in Natrona County.


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  • MEI-CHU Yang

    When is the deadline that we need to decide whether in-person or virtual? Thank you!

  • Leann

    What about kiddos on an I.E.P will this transfer to online learning if chosen to do the virtual learning instead of in person?

  • Leann

    What about kiddos on an I.E.P will this transfer to online learning if chosen to do the virtual learning instead of in person? Also it just seems as if the child’s place should be kept at their school until knowing how this will effect our students here in Casper, Wyoming


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