NCSD Transportation to Conduct Practice Bus Route Aug. 28th

The NCSD Transportation Department will conduct a practice bus route on Aug. 28, 2019. This practice run is only for elementary first-time transportation students and will require one parent/guardian to ride with the student. Due to liability restrictions, only one parent or legal guardian may ride with the student (no older siblings, friends, etc.). Students will not be allowed to ride without a parent/guardian.

Transportation will pick up the parent/student at the student’s AM bus stop at the AM pick up time and transport to the bus hub where parent/student will switch to the student’s transfer bus and then travel to the student’s school. Parents/students will not get off the bus at the school. The bus will then reverse the route back to the hub where the parents/students will follow the student’s PM route back to the PM Bus Stop.

This is only for the Casper area buses and will not include Alcova, Midwest, Poison Spider, and outlying areas.

If your student will need Transportation and you have not registered yet, please go to to register.

For questions, please call NCSD Transportation at 253-5283


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  • Louis Hewitt

    Why can’t I talk to somebody and get my kids bus route and all that stuff of what I have to go to website


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