NCSD Transportation Team Collaborates with Schools to Provide Bus Safety Training

Over the past two months, the NCSD Transportation team has been working together with schools to conduct practice bus evacuation drills. Bus drivers and NCSD Transportation team members shared bus safety information and reviewed rules for bus ridership with students and staff as part of the process.

“These practice drills are so important because not only do we transport students to and from school, we also transport students on field trips and athletic and activity events. We are reaching a much larger audience by conducting bus evacuation drills for the entire school. This approach also allows for more interactions with the drivers and the opportunity for students to ask questions. It’s been a collective team approach and we are so excited to be working in collaboration with our school principals and teachers to help educate students on bus safety!” said Vickie Skates, NCSD Assistant Transportation Director.

Last year, NCSD Transportation provided transportation for approximately 610 field trips and 1,300 activity trips for students and staff. Each day, the Transportation team works diligently to provide safe transportation to and from school for approx 2,600 students.

The Natrona County School District Transportation Department is committed to providing all students with a positive and safe riding experience.




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