NCSD Transportation Establishes “Snow Stops” for Inclement Weather Occurrences

Natrona County School District recognizes that the conduct of school is an important and necessary part of community and family life. Schools will be closed only during extreme weather that may cause a significant safety risk and/or when the community itself is unable to operate reasonably. 

During major snowstorms or other inclement weather, city, county, and state officials work diligently to keep the main throughways, roads, and highways open for the conduct of normal operations. As time and resources allow, city officials also plow secondary streets for the operations of the city.  The Natrona County School District greatly appreciates the dedicated work of city, county, and state employees and officials as they work diligently to keep our community operational throughout the year. 

During times of significant accumulated snow on residential streets, NCSD Transportation buses may experience some operational delays due to impassable road conditions. 

In order to provide safe and effective transportation services, NCSD Transportation has established Snow Stops. These stops are located in areas that are routinely plowed or maintained during heavy snowfall conditions. These stops may be utilized in the case of a significant amount of snowfall making residential streets impassable. This process allows for NCSD Transportation to continue to provide services to all student bus riders while remaining safe and efficient. Not all regular stops will have a different Snow Stop so families are encouraged to reference the Snow Stop Schedule to verify if there is a change for their student. 

Parents and guardians of registered NCSD bus riders will receive an email notification regarding their child’s Snow Stop. Snow stops will only be used in the case of inclement weather and a notification would be sent to parents/guardians ahead of time to inform them of the change. Please review your contact information in Infinite Campus to ensure it is updated and accurate. 

As a reminder, all student bus riders are required to be registered. If your student is not a registered bus rider, you may not get important information on NCSD Transportation routes. Please ensure that your student bus riders are registered. 

Thank you for your partnership as we work together to provide all students with a safe and positive NCSD Transportation experience. 

For questions, please contact NCSD Transportation at 307-253-2583


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