NCSD Students Compete at World Languages Day!

This weekend twenty Cyclones traveled to Laramie to compete at World Languages Day.  It’s essentially the World Languages State Championship.  They danced salsa, played Peruvian instruments, sang Russian and Spanish karaoke, learned a bit of Arabic and Danish, and more!
They ate at the UW dining hall, experienced a campus tour in the snow, and stayed in a hotel.
They were complemented frequently for their manners, willingness to try new things, participation, behavior, and language skills.  They were fantastic!
Many of them also brought home awards:
Sophia Pardo- Level 4! Spanish- 1st place
Víctor Moreno- Level 3! Spanish- 2nd place
Emma Bahr, Keating Chase, Emily Manville- Level 2 Spanish group- 1st place
Aurora Hanson- Level 2 Spanish individual- 2nd place
Jazmine Stovall- Level 1 Spanish individual-1st place
Jack Dawson and Bella Brubaker- Level 2 Russian- 1st place
Nathan Hamilton- Level 1 Russian- 1st place
Emma Schwarzrock- Level 1 Russian- 2nd place
Mason Napier and JJ Thompson- Level 1 Russian- 3rd place
The following students also competed extremely well.
Dakota Gamble- Level 2 Spanish individual
Wyatt Gamble, Abby Robberson, and Sam Ruiz- Level 1 Spanish group
Katelin Shoopman, Briana Cage, and Thomas Stokes- Level 1 Spanish group

Students from Dean Morgan Middle School and Centennial Middle School were able to participate for the first time this year! Dean Morgan took 10 students who worked hard to qualify to go. 

Logann Jones took first place in the Spanish 2 category with her song about the Spanish dictator, Fraco.  (El Quinto Regimiento)

Alan Martinez took 3rd in the Spanish 5 category with his presentation on Mexico. 

Teacher Erica Hermosillo said, “We had a blast and learned much about different cultures!”

The levels are divided by proficiency, not by age, so all of our students were competing with students up to 12th grade.


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