NCSD SmartStart Reopening Plan Update

Proactive and targeted planning is underway by NCSD to reopen schools for summer learning and next fall. 

In order to ensure a successful, happy, safe, and healthy learning environment for all students and circumstances the Natrona County School District is working through a comprehensive reopening plan. 

The Natrona County School District has identified four key objectives as part of the SmartStart Plan for reopening schools:

  1. Reopen schools this summer and fall in a safe, responsible, and healthy manner following all state and local requirements.
  2. Maintain continuity in learning across a variety of educational settings.
  3. Align fiscal and personnel resources to meet the needs of reopening schools.  
  4. Communicate effectively with all stakeholders. This includes listening, responding, and delivering information. 

We know there are many questions from parents, students, and our community regarding what the school environment will look like next year. Will students be asked to wear masks? How will social distancing work? What about students and families who would like to choose online only for their NCSD student? What happens if a school has a COVID positive case, and it’s highly likely that they will? 

These are all important questions and we assure you, we are working diligently, and as quickly as possible, with our local and state officials to identify answers to each of them. 

We are in the process of gathering stakeholder feedback that will be used in the reopening plan,” shared Superindent Elect, Mike Jennings. “It is absolutely imperative that all stakeholder voices are heard as we work together to develop a plan to reopen schools for summer and fall that meets the needs of all stakeholders.” 

NCSD recently sent out a survey to parents and all staff requesting information regarding what went well and what didn’t this spring in remote/virtual learning. That survey is open for feedback until June 12th. 

We know the success of our schools and students depend on the partnership and collaboration between schools, staff, families, and our entire community,” shared Jennings. “We are incredibly grateful for this partnership and truly want to express our sincere appreciation for the dedicated work of our students, staff, school families, the Casper-Natrona County Health Department, and entire community… all year long, but especially these past few months.” 

Understandably, there are also important questions about summer activities, programs, and athletics. At this time, NCSD has received approval on our first set of variance request plans to offer summer learning opportunities from the Casper-Natrona County Health Department and the Wyoming Department of Education. This approval is specific for the targeted summer learning opportunities earlier in the summer, such as an extended school year for those students needing in-person instruction to complete certifications.

All NCSD schools will offer a summer learning option through July 27th – through August 14th. NCSD will be submitting a variance request for this summer learning opportunity. While this is not a required learning opportunity for students, it is being offered to provide all students with the option to re-engage in the learning environment prior to the start of the fall semester. Specific details and enrollment information will be coming directly from your child’s school.

The NCSD Athletics and Activities variance request plan for summer non-contact drills and skills for activities and athletics was approved by the Casper-Natrona County Health Department, the State of Wyoming Public Health Department, and the Wyoming Department of Education. More information on specific details will be forthcoming from your child’s school. 

The health and safety of students, staff, and our community remains our priority focus. Protocols identified for the return of summer school learning and athletics and activities may be revised in accordance with all directives or orders of the Governor of the State of Wyoming and/or the Casper-Natrona County Health Department as restrictions ease or tighten during this time.

The below safety and health practices will remain in effect for Summer learning and activity opportunities: 

  • Please, stay home if you are sick. 
  • Restrictions on group sizes remain in place.
  • Social distancing of at least 6ft or greater will remain in effect
    • If unable to social distance, protective gear – such as face coverings will be worn
  • Facilities will be disinfected by supervising staff members between each session and follow NCSD Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocol for Flu and Virus Outbreaks.  All high-touched areas including all athletic equipment will be disinfected between each cohort/pod session.
  • Hand washing stations, or hand sanitizer, must be readily available in all areas 
  • Students, staff, and necessary school visitors will continue to be screened for symptoms of COVID-19, and access to buildings will continue to be monitored to ensure only approved students, parents/guardians, and staff are allowed to enter the facilities during these times. 

As we move into summer, we are committed to keeping our students, parents, staff, and  community engaged, involved, and informed. We will continue to share information via NCSD Parent News email, our NCSD website, with our media partners, and on the NCSD Facebook page. 

We miss our students and the joy and excitement of the “everyday” school environment. Thank you to the entire community for your partnership and support as we all anxiously await for the day when we can again hear the hallways filled with laughter and to see the smiling faces of students and staff. We truly are, #bettertogether. 

We value the thoughts and experiences of all stakeholders; to share your ideas, thoughts, and feedback with us please email


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  • Suzey Delger

    Please include the school MURSES in this planning process as they most like will be the IMPLEMENTATION POLICE with whatever policies you come up with. They are HUGE STAKEHOLDERS in this and their voice should not only be heard but listened to!

  • Timothy Culp

    I understand the difficult position of trying to follow the officials you must succumb too while facing pressures from the more educated people that understand why the current precautions are unwarranted. I’ll allow all the precautions except the wearing of masks. Come fall when my child returns to school he will not be wearing a mask. Thank you very much.


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