NCSD Seventh Annual Sportsmanship Champions Luncheon

Seventh Annual Sportsmanship Champions Luncheon The 2014-2015 middle level Sportsmanship Champions were announced at the 7th annual Sportsmanship Champions luncheon held on April 29, 2015. It was an awesome lunch with food donated by Qdoba and presentations by the Sportsmanship Champion students and coaches on what good sportsmanship looks and feels like to them. 7thSportsman Each year, one 7th grade female athlete, one 7th grade male athlete and one coach from the middle school’s Dean Morgan, Centennial, CY, FMS/CCA and Midwest are recommended by their administration, coaches, Athletic/Activities Facilitators and peers for this award. The students selected are many times multi-sport athletes who have exemplified outstanding good sportsmanship while participating in sports, in academic activities, in the classroom and throughout the school they attend. Students also wrote a short essay on good sportsmanship and provided a good sportsmanship quote.

During the student presentations at the luncheon, you could hear a pin drop as adults and students listened intently on the wisdom imparted by the young student/athletes and coaches being honored. A few nuggets of wisdom expressed by the students included, “Sportsmanship happens every day, whether it is on the court, on the field or in the classroom.” “Sportsmanship isn’t about winning it’s about how you win! That’s what sports are really about, building character and pride in yourself.” “At our school, we are one Family, one Team and we have one Goal.” “Always being willing to learn from other teammates and coaches will not only make you a better player, but a better person.” “Just remember a game is not always about wins and losses, but playing the game you love.” “Sportsmanship is respecting the other team and the officials, because without them you wouldn’t be there.” “You can have great skills but that means nothing without good sportsmanship.”

The Sportsmanship Champion coaches followed their student athletes to the podium and each reiterated, supported and congratulated the words and actions of the student Good Sportsmanship Champions from all of the middle level schools. History tells us, over the past seven years, our Sportsmanship Champion coaches are among the most recognized and respected coaches in our district.

As we concluded the luncheon, it was apparent something very special had been accomplished by the Sportsmanship Champion students and coaches. The accomplishments recognized and celebrated during the luncheon had the same special feeling or excitement of winning a State Tournament however it was not but it sure felt like it!! We feel the Sportsmanship Champions luncheon recognition celebrates the characteristics young student/athletes and coaches will call upon many times in their journey through life in overcoming adversity and in graciously sharing their success.

Also in attendance with our 2015 Sportsmanship Champions were Middle Level Athletics/Activities Facilitators: Rick Robinson, CCA/FMS; Jeremy Prisbrey, CY; and Phil Choler, DM; Centennial Principal Mike Jennings; Pineview Principal Chris Carruth; Midwest Principal Chris Tobin and DM Assistant Principal Jodi Frazier. 7thSportsman2 courtesy of NCSD Athletics and Activities- Ruth Putnam 

In this our 7th year, our Sportsmanship Champions are:



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