NCSD Schools are OPEN today, February 4th, 2020

NCSD Schools are OPEN today, February 4th, 2020

Midwest School is OPEN.

Red Creek and Alcova are closed.

NCSD will open all Casper buildings and hold all classes today during their regular schedules.

Midwest School is OPEN:

Midwest transportation will be running to and from Casper. We have information the road to Midwest will be opening this morning. Midwest transportation students will be held inside at the Bus Hub while we are waiting for the road opening.

Inquiries about schedules for specific after-school programs should be directed to your child’s school.

Natrona County School District recognizes that conduct of school is an important and necessary part of community and family life.

Remember, as stated in the Inclement Weather Protocol, the primary responsibility in protecting a child’s health and school attendance always resides with the parent or guardian.

For more information on the Inclement Weather Protocol, please click the link below:

NCSD Inclement Weather Protocol


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