NCSD Inclement Weather Protocol

Natrona County School District recognizes that school is an important part of community and family life. As a result, schools will be closed for inclement weather or natural disasters only when the community itself is unable to operate safely. Primary factors considered are adverse weather conditions and safe transportation of students and staff.

Communications are sent out via text and phone call by approximately 5:30 a.m. from NCSD Media & Public Relations. News agencies will be contacted to send the message to the community. Updates will also be posted on NCSD social media sites.

The primary responsibility in protecting a child’s health and school attendance always resides with the parent or guardian.

There are several closure options available to the District:

1. Full Closure – All schools, departments, and program will not open for the full school day. This decision is made when current and future weather conditions are extremely hazardous and are not expected to improve throughout the day. No buses will operate. No students report to school and all after-school activities are cancelled. Only designated employees report to work.

2. Late Start – All schools will open at a designated time. This decision is made when weather conditions are expected to improve greatly after the original start of school. Bus route time will be altered. Employees report to work at normal time, or when conditions permit, but prior to the designated start time.

3. Early Dismissal – All schools will release students early at a designated time. This decision is made when inclement weather or other conditions are expected to deteriorate before the end of school and it is necessary for the safe transportation of students. Bus route times will be altered. All after-school activities are cancelled. Employees will be allowed to leave as directed by their administrator.

4. Full or partial of options (1, 2, or 3) – Many of our schools are not located in the Casper area. Hazardous conditions may exist at some schools, and not others. NCSD may exercise one of the above options for a particular school, while others continue their normal operation.


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  • Sharon Hubbard

    What is the policy on allowing the children into the school before the 1st bell rings? Is there a set temp/wind chill when they are to be allowed to go in?

  • Anthony

    What a big fat lie. You would have kept school in session if Casper College hadn’t called it. Just own it. Your number one concern is yourself, plain and simple.


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