NCSD Graduation Rates Continue to Rise!

The Wyoming Department of Education has released the four-year, on-time graduation rate data for the class of 2019 and it shows an increase in the overall graduation rate for NCSD’s high schools. The graduation rate for the class of 2019 is 80.3%, which is an increase of 2.3 percentage points from the previous year. All three of NCSD’s traditional high schools have graduation rates of over 80%.

Kelly Walsh High School: 85.3% (from 80.6%)

Midwest High School: 83.3% (from 64.3%)

Natrona County High School: 81.6% (from 84.4%)

Roosevelt High School, NCSD’s alternative high school, had a graduation rate of 44.2%, this is an 8.8 point increase from last year.

“We are incredibly proud of our students, staff, and school families,” Superintendent Steve Hopkins said. “The NCSD graduation rate increase is a testament to the dedicated work being done by students, parents, teachers, and staff. That’s 963 students who set high expectations for themselves, committed to success, and put forth the hard work and effort each day to achieve academic success.”

The recent increase in graduation rates is an instrumental step towards NCSD’s Strategic Goal of improving high school graduation rates with intentional planning and collaboration between students, parents, and schools.

Our community partners play a critical role in graduation success rates, “Over a decade ago NCSD enacted partnerships with We Read and Wyoming Reads, two community organizations with an emphasis on early childhood literacy,” said Tanya Southerland, NCSD Public Relations Officer, “Together, we launched a dedicated focus on literacy efforts, particularly in the early elementary school grades. Studies have shown a correlation between early childhood literacy success and graduation. The importance of early elementary students enjoying reading and becoming proficient at reading is a shared district and community priority.”

We greatly appreciate our valued staff, parents, and community for their partnership in assisting us towards our mission to empower every learner to grow, excel and be a successful contributor to the local and global community.

Great work students!


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