November 20th, 2020 

In order to continue ensuring effective and efficient Food Service operations while working to proactively address any current or future staffing needs placed before us due to COVID-19, NCSD Food Service will have adjustments and changes to district-wide cafeteria offerings. These changes will allow for streamlined food service processes while continuing to provide quality service for students. 

Elementary School Changes

  • Elementary schools will be providing one entree’ for lunch. 
  • No changes to elementary breakfast. 
  • Pizza may still be served on the designated “Pizza Days”.  

Secondary School Changes

  • Secondary schools will offer two entrees’ to choose from at lunch. 
    • One of the choices will be Pizza Hut Pizza – at sites where it is currently served daily. 
  • Secondary schools will offer one hot breakfast entree’ and cereal for students to choose from. 

These adjustments will go into effect on November 30th throughout the district. However, it is important to note that your child’s individual school may have additional temporary adjustments or alterations made prior to that date/time. 

Milk will continue to be provided at all schools for breakfast and lunch. 

We appreciate your partnership and support as we work together to provide a high-quality learning environment for all students while maintaining our commitment to the safety and health of all students, staff, and the community. 


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