NCSD Board of Trustees Votes to Approve Changes to Roosevelt High School Alternative School Graduation Requirements

The Natrona County School District approved Board Policy 6400 Graduation Requirements during their June 10th, 2019 meeting. The changes are specific to Roosevelt High School Alternative School graduation requirements. Changes have not been made to graduation requirements for Natrona County High School, Kelly Walsh High School, or Midwest High School.  

Beginning with the class of 2020, an NCSD Roosevelt Alternative High School student must obtain 20.0 credits of high school equivalent course work and a required graduation plan for each individual student. Students at RHS will continue to be required to take core classes, such as Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Students, and Financial Literacy/Civic Responsibility for graduation. The credit decrease will be seen in the form of electives.

Additionally, Roosevelt High School will work together with all students and parent/guardians to identify an Individualized Graduation Plan for every student.

The plan will be student-directed and encourage the identification of personal, academic and career interests and goals to empower students to be active participants in planning for their future.

Beginning the summer of 2019, Roosevelt Alternative High School will not be classified as an option under the ‘open-enrollment’ choices for Natrona County School District.

Enrollment in Roosevelt will be based on the individual student’s social, emotional and/or academic needs and determination for enrollment will be approved after collaboration and agreement between the student, Roosevelt High School, the student’s home school, parents/guardians, and District officials. We are committed to working diligently to create learning systems where all of our students can succeed in school, become prepared for graduation and ultimately become valuable, contributing members of our global society.


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