NCSD Board of Trustees Adopts 2021 Fiscal Year Budget

During the July 8th, 2020, Budget Hearing, the Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Budget was voted on and adopted by the Board of Trustees. (Click here for the FY21 Annual Budget

The budget sets the financial framework for the district to meet its strategic goals and the budget process is guided by the following priorities: 

  • Maintain a focus on student learning and the District strategic goals, funding essential functions, and services.
  • Achieve operational efficiencies and effectiveness. 
  • Maintain a competitive compensation package. 
  • Maintain facilities to avoid the effects of deferred maintenance and ensure safe and secure environments.

The Natrona County School District, in partnership with all stakeholders, is committed to providing a quality education to all students while remaining fiscally responsible with the funds provided to us by our state and local community.

Listed below are a few highlighted items from the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget.  

Economic Decline

There are projected negative economic impacts due to COVID-19 on education funding in our county and state. Our state legislators are working diligently to address these concerns and we appreciate their work during these very challenging times.  In May 2020, the Consensus Revenue Estimating Group (CREG) released revenue forecasts for the state. The CREG estimates a decline in school foundation tax levy revenue to be around 20% in calendar year 2020. Due to this decrease, NCSD is anticipating a reduction in state funding and we have begun proactive work to do our part to create and implement strategic measures to ensure and remain fiscally responsible while maintaining educational excellence in Natrona County.  

Enrollment Increase

During the 2019-20 fiscal year, NCSD experienced an increase in student enrollment. That increase is projected to continue into the 2020-21 fiscal year. Due to the increase in enrollment, you will notice an increase in funding provided to NCSD. These funds are provided to offset the corresponding increase in expenses as related to the increase in student enrollment.

Health Insurance Increase

On January 1, 2020, the State of Wyoming implemented a premium rate increase of

approximately 12% to the Employee Group Insurance plan. In May 2020, a second, midyear rate increase was announced effective July 1, 2020. The increase was a 10% increase to premiums. The employer contribution rate change resulted in an approximate 6.1% increase to the District. The increased cost for FY21 is estimated to be $3.6 million, the budget for employee health insurance has been adjusted to accommodate this increase.

School Allocations

NCSD utilizes a “decentralized” budget process which allows for funds to be provided to each school. This process allows for the school budget team, composed of various stakeholders, to prioritize and utilize the funds in the best way possible for their school.

Last year (2019-2020), the Board of Trustees allocated funds to each school to purchase the needed school supplies for all students. Additionally, fees and gate admissions were removed from athletics and activities in order to ensure all students and school families were able to participate and engage in their school environments.  

Throughout the school year, conversations were held with a variety of stakeholders, including a survey of school teams, to identify feedback regarding the school supply allocations. Understandably, there was room for improvement identified specifically as related to the operational side of purchasing supplies and distribution. School teams have put forth tremendous effort to streamline the process and collaborate with school families to ensure a successful implementation again this upcoming year. We want to thank all our dedicated staff members, school families, and community for your support as we work to ensure all students in Natrona County have the resources and materials available to them to come to school #ReadyToLearn.


NCSD recognizes the profound impact COVID-19 has had on our students, staff members, families, and community.  We will continue to be committed to creating strategies to do our part in remaining fiscally responsible while maintaining a priority focus on student learning and meeting the needs of all stakeholders while advancing the strategic goals, mission, and visionary culture of NCSD. 

We greatly value the experiences, thoughts, and feedback of all stakeholders as together we work to ensure educational excellence in Natrona County. Stakeholders may submit their feedback to the Board of Trustees by emailing The comments will be collected, without alteration, and submitted to the Board of Trustees.


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