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Over 700 Student Council students from across the state of Wyoming took to the streets of Casper this week gathering donations for the Make a Wish Foundation. Natrona County High School is the headquarters for the 63rd annual Wyoming Association of Student Councils Convention. Brian Sanders, the NC Student Council Sponsor for Juniors and Seniors, came up with the idea in June of this year. Every year, as a part of the convention, students participate in a community service project and this year Sanders knew exactly what they should do. He explained that years ago the students would do a ‘Roof Sit’ on the roof of Albertsons grocery store where they would refuse to come down until they had raised a certain amount of money for Make a Wish. Over the years they were able to raise between 6 and 7 thousand on average. This year he knew they could do even more if they went to the streets of Casper.


There’s a sentiment often heard throughout the hallways at Natrona, BBOY, or Better Because of You. It’s a statement not taken lightly by the students and staff at NCHS, so it’s of little surprise when Sanders presented the idea to the NC students, they took it and ran with it. The 54 schools present were broken into 50 groups of students, a student from NC with each, and assigned to intersections all over the city. They braved the November temperatures to gather donations for three hours and raised over $17,000.00 for the Make a Wish Foundation. The end result? Two young people being granted their wish by the Foundation.


I told the kids yesterday, I want to raise at least $8,000.00… get at least one wish, but to get two? Man it’s just incredible. It’s not $17,000.00. It’s two young people. It’s not money, it’s wishes for kids. Casper has been voted the most generous city, and I believe it. The proof is in the weight [of donation buckets] ” says Sanders.


This sentiment was echoed by Ben Schanck, executive director of WASC, “Thank you to the citizens of Casper for allowing these students this opportunity. We lived up to our montra of being the most giving community. I know our state is in good hands.



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