Natrona County School District Variance Plan Approved for Remainder of Spring 2020 Semester

Natrona County School District recently requested a variance to allow for on-campus, in-person, instruction for a limited number of students to complete Spring 2020 projects and skill assessments in a very limited and restricted manner, keeping the safety and health of students, staff, and our community as the highest priority.  This variance request was approved by state and local health officers as well as the Wyoming Department of Education and is for the remainder of the Spring, 2020 semester. 

Limited instruction began the week of May 18th and has been approved for specific instructional needs at Kelly Walsh High School, Natrona County High School, Midwest High School, Natrona County Special Program Support, Pathways Innovation Center, and Roosevelt High School.  Identified students and their parents/guardians have received direct communication from their individual schools regarding this opportunity. 

The limited instruction is focused on supporting highly specialized individual cases such as high school students who are working on industry certification programs, as well as graduating students who do not have additional opportunities to complete their required learning programs from a remote learning environment.

Students, staff, and necessary school visitors are screened for symptoms of COVID-19, and access to buildings will continue to be monitored to ensure only approved students, parents/guardians, and staff are allowed to enter the facility during these times. 

Students are working in small groups, no more than ten (10) students, and providers in a single location/area at any point in time. All schools are continuing to follow social distancing and health and safety guidelines for this variance request as provided by the Casper-Natrona County Health Department. 

The NCSD custodial and maintenance staff will continue to work dedicatedly to ensure all equipment and space used will be thoroughly disinfected and will be properly sanitized before, during, and after each student’s use. 

We understand the significant impact of COVID-19 on our entire community in a variety of aspects. We greatly appreciate the continued dedication of parents and guardians in keeping your child engaged and learning during the adaptive virtual learning environment. Your partnership and support during this time have been critical for continued student academic success, thank you. 

Proactive and targeted planning is underway to reopen schools for summer learning (in a limited capacity) and next fall in a safe and secure manner that follows federal, state, and local guidelines. 

In order to ensure a successful, happy, safe, and healthy learning environment is ready for all students and circumstances the District is working through a comprehensive plan that includes dedicated measures to maintain a continuity of learning in a variety of educational settings. We will be sharing more information, as available, to keep our students, parents, staff, and all stakeholders engaged and informed. We value the thoughts, experiences, and feedback of all stakeholders as we work together to ensure exceptional education opportunities and safe and healthy learning environments for all.

We miss our students and the joy and excitement of the “everyday” school environment. Thank you to the entire community for your partnership and support as we all anxiously await for the day when we can again hear the hallways filled with laughter and to see the smiling faces of students and staff. We truly are, better together.


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