Natrona County School District Spelling Bee Results

The National Spelling Bee first started in 1925 when nine newspapers joined together to host a spelling bee. Little did they know that 90 years later their literacy effort would reach 11 million students every year!

Students from all walks of life have the opportunity to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, and our spellers are capable of more than they ever dreamed. Participating in a spelling bee teaches them valuable lessons about sportsmanship, public speaking and the value of friendship. It’s about inspiring confidence and a love of language that lasts a lifetime.

Every year, a speller (or two!) is declared the Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion in Washington, DC. Their journeys started just like your child’s – at home or in a classroom across America.

Forty-One second through eighth grade students from Casper Classical Academy, Cottonwood, Dean Morgan, Fort Caspar Academy, Midwest and Pineview registered for the Spelling Bee held at the Ramkota Hotel.

After two hours of 75 written words and 25 vocabulary words in the morning and another couple hours in the afternoon of orally spelling words, the top five competitors were confirmed:

From left to right: Beau Bartling, DM, 7th grade, Laura Stadtfeld, sponsor – 1st place
Isaac Vreeman, Pineview, 5th grade, Theresa Produit, sponsor – 2nd place
Madison Wright, DM, 7th grade, Laura Stadtfeld, sponsor – 3rd place
Laurel Zieger, Pineview, 5th grade, Theresa Produit, sponsor – 4th place
Abigail Glennon, Fort Caspar Academy, 4th grade, Stephanie Lamb, sponsor – 5th place

Beau, Isaac and Madison will travel to Rock Springs March 24 for the State Spelling Bee and compete against other winners throughout Wyoming with Laurel and Abigail as alternates. The Wyoming State winner will advance to the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. May 27 – June 1. Visit beginning May 1, 2018 for a detailed competition schedule. Admission to the onstage round of competition is free, and available on a first-come, first-served basis. All onstage rounds of the Bee take place in the Maryland Ballroom at Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland.

We are proud of ALL the participants as they are outstanding spellers in our District! Not only did they have to spell hard words but they had to know definitions of vocabulary words. They all did an AWESOME job and represented their own school and the Natrona County School District very well. We heard compliments from many adults who said all the children were very polite, well behaved and such great spellers. Participating in the District Spelling Bee is a “feather in your cap” that you can proudly wear!

Sakiusa Meador

The 2017 Wyoming State National Spelling Bee participant was Sakiusa Meador, a 3rd grade student from Big Piney Elementary School in Marbleton. Saki was born in Fiji and moved to the United States before his first birthday. He enjoys outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping and skiing with his family. His favorite book is The Name of this Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch because it has a lot of mysteries (there are characters who live to be over 500 years old!) When he grows up, Saki would like to be either a scuba diver or a skydiver.

The NCSD Athletics & Activities office coordinates the District Spelling Bee. To be part of next year’s Spelling Bee, please contact our office.

It’s never too early to start spelling your way to V–I–C–T–O–R–Y!

See you next January!


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