Natrona County School District Spelling Bee, January 15, 2020


Thirty-five second through eighth-grade students from Casper Classical Academy, Centennial, Cottonwood, Dean Morgan, Pineview, and Summit registered for the Natrona County School District Spelling Bee which was held Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

After two hours of writing 75 words and choosing 25 vocabulary words through multiple choice, the top 25 spellers were announced. These 25 students had the fewest words misspelled and the fewest multiple choice answers incorrect. They were to go on to compete in the afternoon oral rounds.

The first round saw three participants sit down, then in round two we lost two more participants. Round three proved to have harder words as five students were eliminated, but in round five nine students were excluded from the elite top 25.

Rounds five, six, seven and eight established the top 4 spellers with round nine leaving one student to spell the championship word. Emma Litke, grade 8, from Dean Morgan spelled “skedaddle” correctly to secure the 1st place Spelling Bee Champion!

From left to right:

1st place: Emma Litke, DM, 8th grade, Laura Stadtfeld, sponsor

2nd place: Isaac Vreeman, CN, 7th grade, Jennifer Alexander, sponsor

3rd place: Titus Vreeman, CN, 6th grade, Jennifer Alexander, sponsor

4th place: Tyler Mailloux, DM, 7th grade, Laura Stadtfeld, sponsor

5th place: Kareya Regan, CCA, 6th grade, Jennifer Alexander, sponsor


The State Spelling Bee will be held March 20 & 21 in Rock Springs.

NCSD Bee Coordinator, Ruth Putnam stressed the importance of spelling, “Research shows how spelling improves reading and writing fluency and how it improves vocabulary and comprehension. Teaching spelling has also been shown to strengthen the connection between letter combinations and the sounds they represent.”

Kudos to ALL the Spelling Bee participants. Not only did they have to spell hard words but they also had to know definitions of vocabulary words.

A BIG thank you to the Hilton Garden Inn for hosting the event; teachers, participants, and parents; Dr. Kent Thompson, Manor Heights Principal for pronouncing the words; Rita Walsh, NCSD Trustee, and Cyndee Guthmiller, NCSD Program Facilitator for Robotics for judging the oral rounds; the twenty-two community members who volunteered their time to correct the students’ written papers; Terry Hooker, NCSD Director of Athletics & Activities and Jason Holt, NCSD Athletics & Activities Facilitator.

The NCSD Athletics & Activities office coordinates the District Spelling Bee. To be part of next year’s Spelling Bee, please register your school with in early September.

It’s never too early to start spelling your way to V–I–C–T–O–R–Y!

See you in January 2021!


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