Natrona County School District Board of Trustees Dedicated To Community Partnerships

The Natrona County School District Board of Trustees are dedicated to continuing to build upon stakeholder connections and opportunities for community partnerships while providing timely and updated information regarding NCSD operations and the progress made toward the District’s strategic plan. 

During the COVID pandemic, the NCSD Board of Trustees Meetings moved to a virtual environment with live stream formatting for public viewing and access. We have greatly appreciated the feedback, perspectives, and stakeholder engagement throughout these live-streamed meetings. 

Moving forward, NCSD will continue to live-stream Board of Trustees meetings. An archive of previously live-streamed meetings, as well as any future Board of Trustees meetings, can be found by visiting the NCSD Website here or by visiting the NCSD YouTube page

At any time, stakeholders may submit feedback to the Board of Trustees by emailing The comments will be collected, without alteration, and submitted to the Board of Trustees. 

The Natrona County School District is committed to working together with students, staff, parents, and our community to ensure all district environments are safe, orderly, and supportive while promoting high expectations and providing an exceptional learning environment. 

We appreciate the patience and support of our students, staff, and school families as we all work together towards our common goal of educational excellence and opportunities for all.


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