Mountain View Elementary Decorates Doors to Celebrate New Starts

The hallways of Mountain View Elementary have been covered with creative, colorful displays thanks to a door decorating contest inspired by the book “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds. In the book Reynolds tells the tale of a student who is “stuck” in his art class and turns in a solitary dot as his painting. His teacher encourages the student to expand the work, leading to an explosion of creativity and new ideas from the student. Every student at Mountain View Elementary read the book and each class was tasked with decorating their classroom door – starting with a singular dot. The Mountain View classes were tasked with thinking of ways to embrace change and new opportunities within their door designs.

On Friday, May 11, community leaders, including members of the Mills Police Department, the Natrona County Sheriff’s Department, local media, NCSD Board members, NCSD officials, and others visited the school to serve as judges for the door decorating contest. The results of the contest are as follows:

  • 1st Place: Mrs. Dobos’s FLS Class
  • 2nd Place: Mrs. Owens’s Kindergarten Class
  • 3rd Place: Mrs. Axt’s Classic Kindergarten Class

Congratulations to all of the Mountain View students for their creative displays and for learning how to grow from just a dot!



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