Lincoln Elementary Students Dream Big!

The end of the school year brought about many fun and interactive learning opportunities for students at Lincoln Elementary. Recently, students in Mrs. Underwood’s preschool class welcomed visitors from the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office who stopped by to speak to the students about what it means to be a law enforcement officer and how important it is to set goals and work every day to make positive choices towards achieving those goals.

Deputy Scott shared with the students that officers are just regular people who work daily to protect citizens of the community and ensure that Natrona County is a safe place to go to school, live, work, and visit.

“We always tell students to follow all the rules their parents and teachers give them. We remind them the Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, Fire Department and all the rest of the first line responders work together to help everyone. If a student needs help in an emergency they can call 911 and our dispatch will send everyone that is needed.” – Deputy Scott

In partnering with schools to arrange classroom visits, Deputies model positive and professional behavior, bridging the gap between law enforcement and community, while working towards creating a dedicated trust of law enforcement officers, “We want students to see us, and all law enforcement officers, as regular people who are here to help them and our community. We share fun stories about our favorite things from when we were in school. We remind younger students to brush their teeth and eat their vegetables so they can grow up to be big and strong. But most importantly, we always let them know that no matter what; they should stick with their dreams and goals. They can be whomever they want to be when they grow up.”






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