Learning by Leading: NCSD Faculty Get to Know the Compact

The Compact was adopted by NCSD employee organizations and Board with the intent to establish a compact of trust that will govern their relationship during the term of this Compact. The Board and recognized employee organizations wish to structure the district’s decision-making so as to assure that major decisions impacting students are reached through a collaborative interest-based decision-making process including trustees, the recognized employee organizations, parents, students, and the community.

At a recent new employee orientation, the Compact was introduced and shared with new employees in fun and engaging ways! A Jenga game helped create an icebreaker for the new staff and assisted them in getting to know each other. Techniques were taught on how to utilize games, such as Jenga, as an educational and fun activity in their classroom or work.

Additionally, NCSD Mentors and NCEA President, Dirk Andrews, put their creativity to good use in designing an “Escape Room” for new faculty. Teams were given a copy of the Compact which they had to utilize to answer questions and figure out clues in order to move on towards completion.  Utilizing Compact answers and clues, teams earned a certificate of completion.

Great work to all those involved in sharing this important information with new faculty in a fun and exciting way!

To review the Compact, please click here.



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