Kelly Walsh High School Students Stand Out at State FFA Competitions


There are 53 FFA chapters in the state of Wyoming and most teams have 4 members on each team.  Students from the Kelly Walsh FFA Chapter received several awards!

Overall Kelly Walsh Chapter Awards – based on an application that outlines our yearly activities designed to improve three areas – Leadership Growth, Developing the Community and Strengthening Agriculture.
  • Designated a 3-Star Chapter (highest ranking possible)
  • Most innovative Strengthening Agriculture Activity in the state!
State FFA Degrees – Highest award state FFA can bestow upon a member.  Includes heavily detailed records of their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) (something they do with their time outside of school and FFA – can be entrepreneurial, a job, a scientific experiment, or career exploration), must have:
  1. Spent at least 2,000 hours or made $4,000
  2. Attended at least 5 FFA activities at the state level or higher
  3. 25 hours of community service
  4. Been a member of FFA  for at least 24 months and 360 hours of enrollment in an Agriculture class
  5. Outstanding scholastic records
  6. Ran a business meeting and presented a prepared public speech
  7. Been an officer or a committee chairman

7 Kelly Walsh students received this honor:

    • Heather Bacon
    • MaKayla VanOordt
    • Caroline Heward
    • Jaylyn Garfield
    • Sierra Adams
    • Jessica Henman
    • Johanna Moter


Employment Skills – Was in the top six to pass on from semi-finals round to state – turned in an employment application, resume, cover letter, interview offer phone call, sat in one group job interview and did 3 one-on-one interviews as well as a job offer phone call.
  • Johanna Moter – 3rd high individual in the state!
Proficiency Awards – Applied for the Mechanics Repair and Maintenance proficiency-based off of the SAE (as mentioned in state degree) and a grueling award application answering questions about that SAE
  • Caroline Heward – STATE CHAMPION!

Marketing Plan Team – developed a true marketing plan for a value-added product (gourmet deli sandwiches) at Brattis Meat Market

Reserve Champions!!
  • MaKayla VanOordt
  • Jaylyn Garfield
  • Johanna Moter

Veterinary Science Team
– have to take a medical exam (that vets say they can’t even pass!), perform clinical and restraint practicums and identify a few hundred breeds of all species of animals
Reserve Champions overall!!
Champions in identification
4th overall in the medical exam
  • Rebekah Wise – Reserve Champion individual and in identification, 3rd overall in the test
  • MaKayla VanOordt – 3rd in identification and 11th overall
  • Jessica Henman
  • Julia Alexander

Sales Team
– developed a real sales pitch for the VeeBar Guest Ranch in Laramie, Wyoming, tested on salesmanship skills and performed a pre-call sales meeting covering all components of a high-quality sales pitch
Champion team in Pre-Call Sales Meeting (Team Activity)
7th place overall
  • Andrew Alexander – 8th high individual
  • Mark Annis – 13th individual in sales pitch
  • Preston Olson
  • Riley Dennis

Horse Evaluation Team
 – Evaluated the physical confirmation of horses (looking for overall functional correctness) and ranked classes of 4 horses, and evaluated the performance of horses being asked to do specific tasks (again, ranking 4 horses at a time) – also gave verbal reasons, justifying their rankings.
Reserve Champions in reasons!!
9th place team overall
  • Sierra Adams – 8th high individual in reasons
  • Barbara Wigington – 6th high individual in reasons
  • McKenzie Foster
  • Rylee Guest
Will have more results on Agronomy and Agricultural Mechanics contests that were rescheduled due to the weather at a later date.

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