Kelly Walsh Film & TV Production Present Outstanding Film Festival!


Kelly Walsh Film and TV Production students presented an outstanding film festival as a culminating end to their first semester of the 2019-2020 academic year at Pathways Innovation Center.

Participating students took two courses, Film and TV Production and Introduction to Communication, designed to work in tandem teaching not only the skills of producing a motion picture but also public speaking skills required to sell independent films to major studios. These courses are taught by Jeff Chavez, Marc Flemming, and Jason Murdock.

Students worked incredibly hard and put forth their best creative talents to write, direct, edit, and in some cases even act in their own original films! The student films were presented to their fellow classmates, community members, and a panel industry expert judges for review and reflections. Students also prepared a guided presentation, outlining their techniques, editing, and creative decisions, for the audience.

Instructor Marc Flemming expressed the dedication and hard work students put into expressing stories that were important to them, “The Sweet Zoey documentary made by Alex discusses acceptance and racism in our community through telling the story of an immigrant who is living her dream cooking food for our community. We have talented students and artists here in Casper and when given the opportunity they are able to display their talent. The judges from the industry were absolutely blown away at our student’s talent and the program as a whole.”

The panel of judges consisted of: Olivia Elvestad, a Kelly Walsh graduate who won the Wyoming High School Short Film Festival; Bailey Patterson, a University of Wyoming Communications instructor; Amara Fehring, Artistic Director for Communal Pancake Performing Arts with degrees in both Communication Studies and Theatre; Kyle Nicholoff, Production Services Manager for Wyoming PBS with over 30 years of videography and editing experience; and Tanner Denton, a current film student at Central Wyoming College.

Maddie, a Kelly Walsh junior said, “I feel very lucky that we had access to great equipment at Pathways and we have great teachers. I have learned so much this semester that I can use going forward.” She created and produced the narrative film UnicornCain.

Joe, a Kelly Walsh sophomore, produced the movie Visionary, an experimental film exploring the creative process involved in making a piece of art. “I have always enjoyed film ever since I was a little kid so getting to learn the process of creating a film was a really interesting and great experience.” He has hopes to someday turn these skills he is developing now into a career.

Films featured in the film festival:

Chris – Anterograde
Alex – Zoey
Brian – Confident Chaz
Matthew – The Promise
Camden – The Bayou
Joe – Visionary
Jonathan – A New Day
Brandhan – Family
Madison – UnicornCain
Tayler – Poultry
Ashton – Spirit Camp
Ethan – The Detective
Jonathan – The File
Ryan – The Last Ski
Jace – Too Late

A resounding BRAVO to all Kelly Walsh Film and TV Production students for your hard work and creative success this semester!



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