Journey Elementary Students Perform as Living History Wax Museum

As the clock struck 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 31 in the Journey Elementary commons area, the Journey 4th graders froze. The stationary students were dressed in historical garb and some had wigs or drawn-on facial hair. Ropes, gloves, bandanas, and early 20th century bonnets served as props. But as parents, guests, and their Journey schoolmates begin filtering through the room, the 4th graders came alive and it became apparent this wasn’t an elaborate game of freeze tag – this was a Living History Wax Museum display.

The Journey 4th graders have been studying influential members of Wyoming’s history and the students were each acting out a person from one of the following categories: Native Americans, Pioneers, Government, Military, Railroad Workers, Mountain Men, Explorers, and Cowboys & Outlaws. The students began each presentation in a frozen pose, but once the red “button” on their character’s name tag was pressed by a visitor they leapt into action, explaining key details of their character’s life and the impact he/she had on Wyoming’s history.

During the one hour the Living History Wax Museum was open other grades from Journey cycled through their schoolmates to see the presentations and learn about Wyoming’s history. The featured characters included: John Colter, Buffalo Bill Cody, Chief Washakie, Red Cloud, Buffalo Bill Cody, Pony Express Mail Carrier, Pioneer Man, Woman, and Child, Esther Hobart Morris, John A. Campbell, Nellie T. Ross, Tall Texan, Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, Native American Man, Woman and Child, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacajawea, James Willie Martin, Edward Martin, and many more.

The Living History Wax Museum was led by Journey staffers Allison Orr, Becky Junge, and Crystal Marsh.


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