Important Information for Parents and Guardians

Natrona County School District Officials were made aware on Feb 14th, 2019, of multiple recent sexual battery reports at the middle and high school levels. When a school receives a report, an investigation into the report is immediately conducted. Per protocol, local law enforcement is contacted.

Sgt. Jones of the Casper Police Department contacted District Officials with information identifying an increase of these reports throughout the District. “The last two weeks we have seen an increase in sexual battery reports throughout the middle and high schools. Sexual Battery is a misdemeanor in which one person touches another person’s “intimate parts”  (Wyoming Statute 6-2-313). The Casper Police Department has and will continue to aggressively prosecute these cases. In addition, we have made our victim witness team available to help the victim(s) and family members understand the court process. This behavior is intolerable and will be aggressively prosecuted.”  

During the course of investigation, it has been identified that some students are violating behavior expectations, and committing criminal activity, as a “game” or “challenge” in which they are “dared” by another student(s) to commit sexual battery.

Students who are found guilty of committing this behavior will receive school consequences, in alignment with the District Extreme Behavior Guidelines, as well as possible criminal consequences.
We are asking parents and guardians to speak to your children about the seriousness of this information. This behavior is not a “ game”. It is a crime.
Students are encouraged to contact a school official, trusted adult, and/or law enforcement if they have been a victim of sexual assault or battery.
Please let your children know if they see this type of egregious and prohibited behavior to please contact a staff member, trusted adult, or local law enforcement.
Additionally, Safe2Tell Wyoming provides a safe confidential way for students, parents and community members to report concerns about their well-being, safety or the safety of others.


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