Human Resources Stakeholder Committee Reviews Updates on Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey

Division Stakeholder Committees have been created to assist divisions in obtaining input and feedback on tasks assigned to divisions by Cabinet.  The Committees are recommending bodies to their respective divisions and ultimately Cabinet. The Committees will use a consultative decision making process in formulating recommendations to their respective division and Cabinet.

HR Stakeholder Committee Major Initiatives:  Stakeholder Satisfaction Strategic Improvement * Employee Evaluation * Employee Celebration and Recognition * LINKS Services * Division Topics

Associate Superintendent of Human Resources, Verba Echols, opened the meeting by reviewing the minutes with the committee. She thanked the committee for their dedicated work towards the Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey and shared with the committee the document has been simplified and improved to reflect the needs of the organization. Information regarding the background and implementation of the Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey will be communicated in Administrative and Staff News. All Central Service Facility employees will continue working towards including the survey link in their email signature. The survey results will be monitored quarterly, and will be reported to the NCSD Board of Trustees.

Next, the committee reviewed progress on the Evaluation Form, Employee Celebration and Recognition. The respected assigned Divisions are currently working these items on and updates will be brought back to the committee when additional work has been completed. In closing, the committee reviewed the Comp Time Draft Form, updates were provided, and the feedback of the committee will be utilized as work continues forward. Committee members will receive additional updates on further work at an upcoming HR Stakeholder meeting.

Members of Committee (bold in attendance): Verba Echols (HR), Michael Jennings (HR), Jeff Brewster (HR)Arlene Steward (HR), Gayle Schnorenberg (NCAESS), Jana Shepperson (NCAESS), Rene Rickabaugh (NCASE)Brett Thielbar (NCASE), Christopher Dresang (NCASE), (NCASE),  Wayne Carlson (SEIO), Robert Minor (SEIO), Patrick Glynn (NCEA), Dirk Andrews (NCEA), Doreen McGlade (NCEA), Tanya Southerland (Communications)

The next Human Resources Stakeholder Meeting will be on December 3rd, from 4-6 pm in the Fairdale Room at Central Services.


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