Grant Elementary Students Shine at WyoTowne!

Students in 5th grade at Grant Elementary recently had the opportunity to put weeks of financial literacy lessons and preparation to use during their visit to WyoTowne!

Teachers Allison Orr and Evony Charest attended orientation training for WyoTowne and then incorporated weeks of lessons into their curriculum for students. The lessons included information on banking, philanthropy, investments, government, career exploration, job application, interviews and more.  Orr and Charest followed a gradual release model throughout the incorporation of these lessons, so that by the date of the WyoTowne visit,  students are prepared and able to run all the processes with minimal assistance.

Wyotowne is so important for our students because it uses real would application to teach students standards. It hits major concepts such as budgeting, savings accounts, etc. as they start part-time jobs in middle school and high school. It teaches students how they can give back to their community through being a philanthropist. Wyotowne extends concepts like math and reading to create more meaningful conversations and make learning more fun and engaging. Our students valued every step of this experience!“, shared teacher Allison Orr.

Check out some photos below and read some the great things students had to say about their visit to WyoTowne!

Darrek Yochum My favorite part was making the playlist since I was the D.J. My favorite part of the day was when I got to have a break and buy whatver I wanted to. I learned to balance my checkbook, fill out a check, and I learned how to give back to the community. 

Hannah Blay My favorite part of preparing for Wyotowne is the lesson we learned about Philanthropy. I really enjoyed being the mayor and seeing everyone’e smiling faces. I learned that it’s important to keep track of your money, your debit card balance, make sure you stay out of debt, and you have to make sure you don’t overspend. 

Kylee HamiltonMy favorite part of preparing for Wyotowne is learning how to be a part of a business. It was pretty fun when we got to have a break and strol around town. I learned that it is very important to keep track of your money, and work in a community. 


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