Evansville Elementary Celebrated for “Excelling School” Status

The Wyoming School Accountability system was piloted in 2013 and operationally implemented in 2014. The Wyoming Accountability in Education Act (WAEA) established a requirement to develop procedures for assigning all Wyoming public schools to one of four performance level categories: Exceeding Expectations, Meeting Expectations, Partially Meeting Expectations, and Not Meeting Expectations. Each school’s performance level determination was based upon the school’s performance on various indicators that were prescribed by statute.

The Wyoming School Accountability consists of three indicator categories for schools with grades 3 through 8. Achievement, growth, and equity are the three indicators used to classify schools.

The highest performance level for schools is Exceeding Expectations. A school that receives the performance level of exceeding is a school that is considered to be a “model of performance.” Forty-one Wyoming school achieved this status in 2016-17.

These schools typically exceeded target in achievement and at least one other performance indicator – equity or growth- while meeting target on the other indicator” (WDE, 2015).

Natrona County School District (NSCD) has one school earning this performance level for 2016-2017: Evansville Elementary. It is the 3rd consecutive year for Evansville to achieve “Excelling” status, a distinction matched by only 12 other schools in the state of Wyoming.

On Monday, December 18  NCSD Board of Trustees members Dave Applegate and Toni Billings as well as NCSD Cabinet members Verba Echols, Walt Wilcox, Angela Hensley, and Rick Skatula joined Evansville Elementary staff at a celebration lunch to honor a job well done!


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