Employees: Learn About Transition to Gmail

The Natrona County School District will transition away from FirstClass email to the Google Apps for Education Suite and Gmail beginning July 1, 2017.  Taking these steps will save the district a substantial amount of money each year, unify the district on a single email system and enable district students and staff to take advantage of the rich, evolving functionality of the Google Apps for Education ecosystem.

A website has been created to help employees make the transition to Gmail. It can be viewed here: https://sites.google.com/a/myncsd.org/first-class-to-google-migration/

The following items are good informational pieces for employees to be aware of:

  • As we transition to Gmail on July 1, please know that your current email address using the “@natronaschools.org” ending will continue to work. The email sent to this address will continue to arrive, however, on July 1, 2017 it will arrive in your Gmail inbox and not your old FirstClass inbox. There is no need to change letterhead, school handbooks, business cards, email addresses on your school’s website, contact information with colleagues or vendors, etc. Your district professional email will continue to be as it is today: firstname_lastname@natronaschools.org.
  • Your historical email currently in First Class will remain for at least the next year, but you may wish to migrate historical information and attachments to Gmail over the summer.  The attachment “Migrating your Email from First Class to Google.pdf” should help you with that process.  These instructions may also be found in the FirstClass to Gmail Transition Site.