Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Information Meetings for Parents of 2020-2021 Kindergarteners

Dual Language Immersion is a voluntary program that begins in Kindergarten at the following schools: Paradise Valley Elementary School (Mandarin Chinese), Park Elementary School (Spanish), and Verda James Elementary School (Spanish). The program continues into middle school at CY (Mandarin Chinese) and Dean Morgan (Spanish). Students must be enrolled in the elementary program beginning in Kindergarten in order to be eligible to continue in middle school. The elementary DLI Program provides an opportunity for students to receive half of their primary instruction on Wyoming Content and Performance Standards in Science, Social Studies, Math, and Literacy in the target language (Spanish or Mandarin). The other half of a student’s day is spent in a traditional English classroom focusing on English/Language Arts Standards as well as supporting the Content Standards taught in the target language class. The DLI model changes in middle school. Students will no longer receive primary instruction in a core content area. The middle level program is designed around 2 course offerings (Language and Literacy and Culture and Media). In order to remain a DLI student in the middle level, students must be enrolled in one DLI course for the entire year. 6th Grade is not an entry point for DLI. Parents will need to watch the informational video and submit an electronic commitment form provided at the conclusion of the video in order to be eligible for DLI enrollment. Please contact Aaron Wilson, Director of Teaching and Learning, at aaron_ wilson@natronaschools.org with questions.


More information for enrollment in a DLI program will be coming soon!


If you already have a child in a DLI Program, you will not need to attend a meeting.  However, please make sure you complete and sign a “Commitment Form”.  You can get a commitment form from your child’s school.
If you have questions, please contact Aaron Wilson, Director of Teaching and Learning, at aaron_wilson@natronaschools.org or 307-253-5305.