Pre-Service Program

The Natrona County School District partners with the University of Wyoming and other institutions as a site for pre-service teachers preparing to enter the profession. We believe that providing an exceptional classroom experience for pre-service teachers will enable us to develop and identify talented young teachers for our classrooms. We further believe that the district will profit substantially from the development and maintenance of positive relations with teacher preparation programs throughout the state, region, and nation.


About the Pre-Service Program

Institutions Wishing to Place a Pre-Service Teacher
In all cases, the first contact must be with the District Placement Facilitator. That person will notify the appropriate personnel of the institution’s request to place a pre-service teacher in the district.

Placement of Pre-Service Teachers
The District Placement Facilitator will collaborate with the appropriate personnel for the placement of all pre-service teachers in schools with mentor teachers. The district reserves the right to supervise all placements and to determine alternative placement when deemed necessary and beneficial. The placement of all pre-service teachers at all phases of their study will be done in collaboration with the District Placement Facilitator.

Placement of out-of-state Pre-Service Teachers will be done on a case-by-case basis, depending on availability at the grade level and/or subject area requested. Placements will be made in collaboration with the building administrators through the District Placement Facilitator.

Supervision of Pre-Service Teachers
In the case that an institution does not provide its own or does not provide acceptable supervision for the pre-service teacher, the District Placement Facilitator will coordinate the assignment of a supervisor for the pre-service teacher.

Mentor Teacher Criteria Selection
At all phases of their pre-service education, pre-service teachers will be placed with mentors who are considered to be master teachers. The mentors should have fulfilled the following criteria:
• Have achieved a continuing contract in NCSD
• Be willing to perform evaluations as directed by the educational institution
• Have permission from building principal
• Be endorsed in their content area or grade level

Mentor Teacher Criteria Preparation
A preparation workshop may be required of mentor teachers. The University of Wyoming in partnership with Natrona County School District may conduct this workshop. The workshop will be held during the semester preceding the residency.

Pre-Service Placement Requirements
The following documents must be secured by the student prior to entering a Natrona County school building in any phase of their study. A copy of the documentation must be on file with the District Placement Facilitator at least two weeks before the residency begins. These documents include:
* Fingerprinting
* Background Check
* Substitute Permit (if the pre-service teacher is in the full residency phase)

If there is any questionable history, unusual circumstances, or suspect behavior surrounding the prospective pre-service teacher, it should be reported to the Associate Superintendent in the Human Resources Department, as it has the potential of placing the district at risk.

Once the Pre-Service Teacher is placed in Natrona County School District, the Pre-Service Teacher will be required to attend an in-service that will include the following topics:
* Sexual Harassment
* Bloodbourne Pathogens
* District Discipline Handbook

This in-service will take place within the first month of the placement. Those students placed for the fall semester should attend the in-services held at the building site. Students placed for the spring semester will attend a general in-service held at the district level.

A student ID badge must be worn at all times.

Preservice Placement Request Form
Please complete the Preservice Placement Request Form below if you wish to request placement in Natrona County School District to complete your pre-service requirements (i.e.observations hours, practicum hours, internship or student teaching residency).

Your request will be reviewed and determination of placement will be forthcoming. Please do not contact the school personnel directly until your placement request has been approved.

Preservice Placement Request Form

Please have your University Placement Supervisor contact Natrona County School District #1 with University placement request verification:
NCSD Pre-Service Placement Contact: Connie Walker
phone: 307-253-5225