Job Descriptions


Assessment Data Coordinator
Athletic Trainer
Behavior Interventionist – Middle Level
Classroom Teacher
Classroom Teacher-Dual Language Immersion (DLI)
Coordinator for Gifted & Talented
District Librarian
Instructional Facilitator
Natrona Virtual Learning Teacher
TOSA – Focus on Assessment
Tutor Mentor

Licensed Professionals

Elementary School Counselor
School Nurse



Assistant Director – Special Services
Assistant Principal – High School
Assistant Principal – Junior High School
Assistant Director – Nutritional Warehouse Services
Associate Superintendent – Curriculum & Instruction
Associate Superintendent – Human Resources
Executive Director – Business Services
Executive Director – Human Resources 
Executive Director – Secondary School Improvement
Director – Educational Research & Assessment
Director – HR Development
Director – Special Services
Director – Student Support Services
Director – Teaching & Learning
District Assistant Elementary Principal
District Assistant Director
Midwest K-12 Principal
PIC Principal
Principal – Elementary School
Principal – High School
Principal – Junior High School

Other Classified

Accounting Specialist
Administrative Manager-Elementary
Administrative Manager-High School
Administrative Manager-Middle Level
Administrative Manager – WLC
Administrative Specialist
Application Specialist
Assistant Cafeteria Manager
Assistant Director-Business Services
Assistant Director-Human Resource Services
Assistant Director-Transportation
Assistive Technologist-IT
Assistive Technologist-SPED
Athletics and Activities Facilitator
Auditorium Technician
AutoCad Technician
Bilingual Specialist
BOCES Manager
Building Cafeteria Manager
Building Custodial Manager
Building Food Services Manager
Bus Driver
Bus Driver Scheduler
Bus Driver Trainer
Business Services Specialist
Business Services Technician
Cafeteria Preparation Technician
Cafeteria Specialist
Cafeteria Technician
Campus Security Officer
Career Facilitator
Child Care Assistant
College Selection Facilitator
Communication Specialist
Compensation Specialist
Computer Repair Technician
Database Technician
Digital Media Specialist
Director-Athletics and Activities
Director-Business Services
Director-Information Systems
Director-Maintenance and Facilities
Director-Nutritional/Warehouse Services
Director-Public Relations
District Attendance Officer
District Systems Analyst
Drop-Out Prevention and Recovery Coordinator
Education Support Personnel
Education Support Specialist
Educational Interpreter
Electronics Technician
Elementary Library/Media Technician
Employee Relations Specialist
Equipment Service Worker
Foreman-Electrical Trades
Foreman-General Services
Foreman-Landscape & Support Services
Foreman-Mechanical Trades
Foreman-Midwest Transportation
Head Custodian – High School
Head Custodian – Middle School
Human Resource Generalist
Human Resources Technician
HVAC Apprentice
HVAC – Control Systems Technician
Information Systems Specialist
Information Support Technician
Instructional Technician
IT Network Specialist
IT Network Technician
Landscape & Support Services Specialist
Laundry Worker
Lead Custodian
Lead Warehouse Delivery Worker
Office and Records Assistant
Planetarium Technician
Plumbing Apprentice
Program Facilitator
Program Specialist
Public Relations Officer
Risk Manager
School Office Manager-Secondary
Senior Computer Repair Technician
Senior Mechanic
Speech Language Pathology Assistant
Special Education Specialist
Student Advocate
Student Information Technology Worker
Student Lifeguard Worker
Substitute-Certified Teacher
Substitute-Classified Bus Driver
Substitute-Classified Cafeteria
Substitute-Classified Clerical
Substitute-Classified Custodial
Substitute-Classified Instructional Support
Substitute on Daily Assignment
Supervisor-Child Care
Supervisor-Custodian District
Supervisor-Database Systems
Supervisor-Equipment Maintenance
Supervisor-IT Support
Supervisor-Landscape & Support Services
Supervisor-Mechanical Trades
Telecommunications Support Specialist
Transportation Assistant – Special Needs
Transportation Support Personnel
Utility Equipment Mechanic
Warehouse/Delivery Worker