Dean Morgan Student’s Capture History in Video Design Class

Dean Morgan Junior High School students showcased their reporting, design, critical thinking, and creativity skills in the newly developed Video Design class at DMJH. The student-centered news station provided an opportunity for all students to learn and explore the in’s and out’s of video design and newscasting while sharing informative and fun updates with their school community! 

Student's in Dean Morgan Video Design Class

Throughout the year, students learned a variety of skills such as filming using a green screen, film editing, camera work, reporting, news writing, and more! Students also wrote and developed their favorite scenes from movies with a personal twist. Career and Technical Education Teacher Lisa Shadrick who teaches the class said, “Our hope is to open their world to create and edit videos while increasing interest in the field, especially as they go on to NCSD high schools which all have incredible video programs.”

Due to the building closures as a result of COVID-19, the class structure took an unexpected turn. However, the students Ms. Shadrick’s class decided they would use what they had learned throughout the year to capture this unprecedented time through video time capsules.

These students are a part of something that their children and their children’s children will be studying in their future history and science classes. We all wanted to find a way to document this moment in history so we talked about what a time capsule is and how it could be beneficial to create during this significant time, ” explained Ms. Shadrick.

Students collaborated together to identify the scope and intention of the project and together the class decided to create a video time capsule of their quarantined lives during COVID-19.  “By documenting this time in history, we will have evidence of what we had to go through for future generations.  Maybe 10 years, 20 years or 50 years from now… the students will be able to digitally show what they lived through with their video time capsules.”

Students in the Video Editing class shared what they expect to capture through their projects and reflections from this experience:

Jayden said,  “In my video time capsule I could possibly show how school has gotten harder for me and how the coronavirus has shut everything down, businesses and any events that have large groups. It has shown us how we have to adapt to a new lifestyle and people have lost their jobs and it has affected the graduating classes.

Edmond said, “Life in quarantine is hard. Not even being able to go into the store or even say hi to friends isn’t fun. But at least I have a family to support me. I really hope this COVID-19 situation ends soon!”

Miguel said, “My idea about being quarantined due to coronavirus is being in constant worry that none of your friends or family have coronavirus.”

Vincent said, “I think the time capsule will show that people who are far apart have had to come closer together in a new way.”

While the end of the academic year is right around the corner, we know that the student reflections and experiences captured in these video time capsules will be sure to continue to educate and inform others for many years to come. Great work Comets! 

For more information on the project, watch to the interview below by K2TV Casper as they sat down to visit with DMJH Career and Technical Education teacher, Lisa Shadrick, to discuss the project in more detail. 


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