CYMS’s Blue Zone Club Focuses on Growing Teaching Practices

Twelve staff at CY Middle School are taking a team-inspired approach to research-based teaching practices. The teachers are using the Visible Learning research of Professor John Hattie and his concept of “high effect size teaching strategies” that are found under the bell curve, in the “Blue Zone”. According to John Hattie, teachers do many good things in the classroom, but there are some identified teaching strategies that research has shown are “great” and have a higher impact on student learning. Every Monday, the CY Blue Zone Club wears their John Hattie – inspired T-shirt as a way to stay focused on growing their teaching practice. Teachers were invited to participate in the CY Blue Zone Club on a voluntary basis. The goal was to further support a collaborative and intentional culture of teaching practice with focus on growing some of Hattie’s top 10 identified teaching strategies. Teachers will keep the strategy they chose as a focus when planning and collaborating with teaching partners. One teacher remarked, “This idea of advertising our intention on our shirts is a great way to model to students that we are learners too, and we are always trying to grow and be better”.   

Left to Right: Zach Stark, Kara Brutsman, Nicole Johnson, Sierra Galicia, Heidi McNulty, Lynn Leslie, and Cynthia Porter. Not pictured: Audrey Egan, Jennie Bower, Carrie Maki, Bryce Mittelstadt, Sara Skovgard.


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