CYMS Students Assist with High Altitude Balloon Launch

It was cloudy and calm on the morning of April 20 when CY Middle School students gathered outside to witness the launch of a high-altitude balloon. The balloon had company on its voyage in the form of six small packages attached to a cord trailing below the helium-filled balloon. Several of these packages contained items packed by CY 6th and 8th grade science students. Homemade barometers, video cameras, apple slices, liquid, small balloons, and even a meter stick went along on the balloon’s flight so students could see the effects of the conditions on their items at high altitude. Temperature, pressure, and other topics would be analyzed after the packages were retrieved. The balloon was set to climb approximately 100,000 feet during its 2.5 hour trip. Thanks to minimal wind, a rarity in Casper, the balloon only travelled a few miles in the air and ended up near the Casper landfill.

The balloon was launched by Phil Bergmaier in conjunction with teams from the University of Wyoming and Casper College.



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