CYMS Destination Imagination Students Head to Kansas City Missouri for Global Competition


Middle School is a time where students can actively explore learning new skills and participating in programs to help identify career and educational paths they would like to take in their future. Students at CY Middle School have discovered a program that lets them explore a variety of skills and subjects all in one place: Destination Imagination.

Destination Imagination is a program designed to let students explore their creativity through projects centered around science, math, engineering, and math. Academics aren’t the only skills a student can use to compete in a Destination Imagination competition though. Students incorporate talents such as acting, singing, dancing, videography, and art into their projects.

At CY Middle School, Desiree Riley, the Destination Imagination program instructor will be taking four teams of students to the Destination Imagination Global Competition in Kansas City Missouri! Two teams will compete in the Scientific Challenge, one team competing in the Technical category, and one Engineering team. This international event will take place over 5 days at the end of May.

The Destination Imagination program put out challenges for this year’s Global Competition at the beginning of the school year. The Scientific Challenge was to create and cure a medical mystery. CY 7th graders Sara, Kylie, Tyler, Aaron, Nate, and Allie – known as Team Casper Mountain Tree Tops – exceptional presentation earned them 1st place in the state competition.  “I am most proud of the fact that this team really met the requirements of the challenge with high-quality work,” said Riley.

The team’s storyline focuses on an evil intern who convinces the CEO of a company to become a vegetarian. The evil intern injects chloroplast into the CEO’s food with a goal of turning him into a cactus and taking over the company. The plot is foiled when the CEO attends a blood draw and it is discovered his blood has turned green! The team creates a cure which involves separating the blood through an IV, putting the CEO on a Paleo diet, and supplementing with iron pills.

The road to Global’s has been filled with many challenges for the team. Students spent the first three months of the year studying the human body, specifically the heart and cells, and researched plant composition compared to humans. “They could all be cardiologists now” added Riley. Students also created a claymation video and large cardboard heart that pumps red and green water through the veins as a visual component to their performance.

During their time at Global’s students will be able to interact with, and learn from, other Destination Imagination students from across the world. There is a tradition of pin trading where each state will bring customized pins and students will challenge each other in riddles and brain busters to earn pins from other locations. “This program allows so many kids who have never even left the state to meet people from all over the world,” said Riley.

The students are growing increasingly excited about the opportunity ahead and are excited to share with others their dedicated work. Sara says the best thing about the event is it is a “great place to meet people from other states and cultures.” Allie added, “This is a once in a lifetime experience, not many opportunities could match up.”Over the years Destination Imagination students have gone on to pursue careers in engineering and science thanks to the skills they developed while in the program. “This program is so much more than students having fun. They are gain team building skills and confidence while advancing their education!”


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