Cottonwood Elementary Cocoa for Kids!

Cottonwood Elementary showcased their Bully Proofing program at a recent Cocoa for Kids event. Staff and Students have been attending training’s at Cottonwood Elementary since the beginning of the school year in efforts to create a common language and understanding in their school.

Cottonwood Principal Brian Doner has high hopes for the Bully Proofing program at Cottonwood. “I could tell you a million great things that have resulted from the past several weeks of our training. It has just been such a positive experience to see our students start to understand truly what is bully behavior and what is really just normal conflict that all people deal with in life. That really is where the training has begun for our students and staff alike. Our staff members attend all training’s with the students, we are all learning this together. “The school is already seeing a positive impact from the training, not only have Refocus Room referrals decreased since the program began, but teachers are also seeing a more inclusive environment in the school. “So much of the Bully Proofing work teaches our young people to advocate for their needs and wants. Students now know they have voice and choice in the way they are treated and respected. We have students identifying their own behaviors as bullying or as being a victim instead of a strong powerful student who has choices and words of their own that does not include bullying back.”

Cottonwood has received training in the following areas:

  • Bullying Behavior vs. Normal Conflict
  • Tattling vs. Telling
  • Magic Words “Please Stop” all students know when they hear those words you stop IMMEDIATELY.
  • How not to be a victim

“I’ve learned that if you say “please stop” you stop right away.”  ~ Jett Tougher 

“If that (saying please stop) doesn’t work get help from a teacher.” ~ Avery Adair

“ Now nobody is bullying me.” ~ Jacob Tharnock

In order to support the Bully Proofing program, Cottonwood students and staff are raising funds in order to purchase “Buddy Benches”.

“These benches will help all students be included in play while at recess. This is part of our Bully Proofing work we are doing to make Cottonwood a fun and safe place to be for all students.” says Principal Doner. Student Jordyn Gosnell-Haught thinks the Buddy Benches are a great idea and “since Bully Proofing began people have been more helpful” in the school. Principal Doner hopes to have enough funds raised to install the Buddy Benches at Cottonwood in the next few weeks.

Check out photos of the recent Cocoa for Kids event at Cottonwood below: 




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