Construction Steering Committee Meeting Report – September 29, 2017

Members present: Dennis Bay, Mike Jennings, Rick Skatula, Verba Echols, Angela Coleman, Clark Jensen, Steve Hopkins, Kevin Christopherson, Rita Walsh, Toni Billings, Dana Howie, Raymond Catellier, Dave Applegate, Tanya Southerland

Trustee Jensen called the meeting to order.

Minutes from last meeting were approved as written.

Data review of Facility Condition and Capacity Study presented by Mike Jennings, Rick Skatula, and Dennis Bay to committee.

  • Review of all data from Facility Condition and Capacity Study
  • Recommendation moving forward by the study team was presented
  • Enrollment graph shared- good data indicator of enrollment trend that has been happening historically at NCSD
  • The State of Wyoming anticipated an enrollment trend of increasing enrollment with a need for a new Elementary school needed every 2 years and a new Middle level school needed every 5 years
  • Projects were planned in 2013 and fully funded by the state in 2014
  • Enrollment began to decline in 2015
  • 2017 SFD- Facility Condition Index the State uses to score building conditions
    • The rank from NCSD is in comparison to all NCSD schools
    • The rank from SFD is in comparison to all Wyoming schools
  • Explained what a 4/3 school configuration is – 4 classes of grade levels K-3 then 3 classes of grades 4-5. Student/teacher ratio increases for grades 4-5, moves to 3 classes at those levels.
  • Special Programming: BASE is behavioral and social program, Title 1 is a low SES school- receive additional funds, Pre-School, FLS is a Functional Life Skills classroom, EL Hub- English is a 2nd language specialized instructional services for those students, ILS- Intensive Life Skills
  • Facility Capacity was a driving factor in determining recommendation. Primary factors include look for inefficiency in order to right size the district.
  • Historical trends of enrollment were reviewed for efficiencies
  • The system will not operate efficiently if we allow over 900 seats to remain open in the district
  • Birth rate in Natrona County is down
  • Facility Condition and Capacity Study recommendation would decrease the excess capacity to about 200, down from over 900.

The Natrona County School District (NCSD) Board Construction Steering Committee recommends to the Board of Trustees the following at the end of 2017-18 Academic Year:

Special Education Service CenterVacate and Sell
Westwood Elementary SchoolVacate and Mothball
North Casper Elementary SchoolVacate and Sell
Mountain View Elementary SchoolVacate and Mothball
Willard Elementary SchoolVacate and Mothball
University Park Elementary SchoolVacate and Mothball
Frontier Middle SchoolClosure
Willow CreekVacated and Mothballed (2016)


The Facility Condition and Capacity study is continuing.

Board Construction Steering Committee made a recommendation to bring forward the Facility Condition and Capacity Study as presented to the Board of Trustees during the October 23rd, 2017 meeting.


How do we provide opportunity for public to give input to the Board of Trustees?

  • Include the NCSD Communications email – begin Google spreadsheet with compiling all emails – send a link to all Trustees for response.


Construction Updates

  • KWHS
    • Additional space shown (on the northeast side of the site will be kept relatively blank for future building additions if needed
    • Is there an alternative way to have parents drop-off / pick-up students?
    • Construction is continuing on the Campus Drive through the site that connects 12th past the Stadium and around the north of the pool to Walsh Drive. This road will be two way traffic
  • The dirt pile is about 95% complete- the remaining dirt will be used around the new peninsula parking lot
  • Sampson is looking at extra funds to regrade the dirt pile
  • The dirt pile regrading is creating athletic fields, irrigated
  • Main Gym sound system inadequate- RBB admitted under-designed, looking for a solution for that
  • Retaining wall along the Campus Drive and Staffelino complex – Sampson working on pricing
  • KWHS Pool status
    • Building signage install on the east wall of pool building is being finalized
  • NCHS
  • Building electrical ground fault problem; in the building, testing each individual circuit- students are not at risk
  • Main gym floor- paint problems, specs in finish, cracked boards- rejected by NCSD- will need to be fixed- floor will get screened or sanded down and redone
  • Verizon Wireless- said football field lighting or track lighting, will not do both, district to decide- install new lighting arrays on the 4 existing poles and construct a new cell tower/pole in the NE corner of the football field. Verizon will develop contract similar to KWHS cell tower/light poles
  • MACC build out- District funded- coaches have requested changes, changes will be held as alternatives, back to what original plan was, overall budget will not increase
  • Midwest new pool liner out to bid, hoping to have pool running by end of 2017
  • CSF Time Capsule lid has been installed
  • Major Maintenance Projects – bigger projects scoped early, bid in the spring, done over the summer


Future items coming to board for approval- nothing at this time.

Next meeting scheduled for November 3, 2017


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