Congratulations 2018 Retirees! (PHOTOS)

Congratulations to the 2018 Natrona County Schools’ retirees. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors and are continually grateful for your service and dedication to the students of Natrona County. It is in large part due to your commitment and excellence that we are able to continue in our mission to empower every learner to grow, excel and be successful contributors to the local and global community.

Check out the photos below from the retirement party hosted by the NCSD Board of Trustees to recognize and honor this year’s retirees. Below that is a full list of 2017-2018 retirees.


2017-18 Retirees

Bryan Aivazian

Danna Anderson

Jill Bader

Linda Bell

Deborah Black

Leah Boyd-Merchant

Keith Brown

Terry Brown

Leona Burton

Julie Catellier

Jessica Chandler

Jennifer Christensen

Peggy Clamp

Richard Dacus

Hilda Davies

Victoria Dillard

Brad Diller

Pamela Dodson

Joseph Dziewic

Joseph Feiler

Donald Furman

Mary Gangl

Lois Graff

Joni Greer

Jane Grogan

Michelle Grove

Michael Hauck

Susan Heid

Frances Hicks

Mark Hileman

Yvette Hileman

Ronda Howe

Lynnette Huber

Judy Johnson

Nancy Johnson

Danny Jones

Dee Jones

Brenda Kennedy

Patti Kimble

Joleen King

Joyce Kler

Kathleen Konen

Kay Kunckel

Deborah LaChance

Lori Lancaster

Ken Latka

Dawn Lensert

Cheryl MacFarland

Nancy Martinson

Theresa McCoy

Larry Meeboer

Amelia Michenzi

Diane Miller

Maxine Moore

Paulette Moore

James Mothersbaugh

Carolyn Myers-Laing

Kathy Neely

Patricia Platt

Jeffrey Richter

Rene’ Rickabaugh

Patricia Rickett

Randolph Ridgeway

Michael Rodell

Mary Rogers

Karla Roylance

Karen Rudd-Littell

Carol Salveson

Susan Shell

Rick Skatula

Diane Stark

Arlene Steward

Colleen Straka

Lora Sucher

Sandra Syvertson

Jet Townsend

Luann Trujillo

Vicki Turnbull

John Turner

Rebecca Underwood

Gregory Wahl

Caroline Washut

Elaine Welch

Charliene Wells

Donis West

Jessica Wiand

Joyce Wise

Debra Womack

Jill Wright


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